• Single Replacement of Green Screen Air Filter 1" 4 Pack Replacements of Green Screen Air Filter 1"

    Refills: Green Screen 1" Air Filter

    $9.90 - $87.90
    MUST HAVE FRAME TO USE SCREENS, Frames are purchased separately.  There are three different ways to buy the Green Screen Refills (required); Singles, OR Money Saving 4 Packs and 6 Packs. The...
    Reorders usually ship within a week. Call in for RUSH order.
    #1 Residential Air Filter:
    MERV 8
  • Aluminum Frame 1"

    $19.90 - $34.90
    Aluminum Frames Please Note: If you don't have a filter holding frame you will need to purchase a Aluminum Frame to hold the filters. This is a one time purchase. **Prices are subject to change...
  • Starter Pack: Green Screen Air Filter,  is an all-in-one bundle. Which includes one frame and two Green Screen air filters. The air filters are pre-cut to size. The Green Screen Air Filter helps with allergies, dust, air flow and much more. The design of the Green Screen air filter is to layer in dust, which gives a higher loading capacity, and still have optimum air flow for the HVAC system.

    Starter Pack: Green Screen Air Filter

    $37.90 - $64.90
    This product is designed to get you Started if you are NEW to Superior Air Quality or need a NEW frame due to moving or new air conditioning unit.  Our best value! The Green Screen Starter...
    Best Way To Start Breathing Better In:
    Residential Homes
  • Carbon Filter Frame and GREEN SCREEN Air Filter Sold Separately

    Activated Carbon Screen*

    $10.90 - $16.90
    Activated Carbon must have one of our Permanent Frames AND a Screen to hold them in; Frames sold separate. The activated carbon filters are cut the same size as your frame and go between the...
    *Frame and Filter:
    Sold Separately