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  • One FREE Orange Screen included with purchase of Box Frame
  • 4" Box Frame


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The Box Frame replaces a 4-5" carboard whole-house filter you buy at the store that fits right in the unit, (will not replace the filters that are just pleated fabric with 2 hard slides on top and bottom that slides into a tract).  Each manufacturer of the store-bought cardboard box filters makes their sizes a little different; ie- a 20x25x4 can be many different actual measurements.  You can't even trust their “exact” measurements they write on the side.

So, to order the Box Frame, you MUST actually MEASURE the filter that fits in the opening. PLEASE ENTER YOUR MEASUREMENTS IN THE TEXT BOX ABOVE - THIS IS A MUST!  However, if it is too loose or too tight, please adjust your measurements accordingly, our Box Frame does NOT give since they are metal. REMEMBER, you don’t want the hassle and expense of getting it wrong the first time, (call and we can walk you thru measuring… it’s EASY). We will make them the actual size you send. If measuring the opening instead of the filter, let us know and we will take 1/4" off your measurements to make sure it fits.

Our Box Frames can use either the 2" BLUΞ SCRΞΞN™ or 2"ORANGΞ SCRΞΞN™. If you wonder why not a 4" Screen, there isn't any Screen that thick because of air restriction issues.

The BLUE SCREEN and ORANGE SCREEN air filters are made with the optimum air flow while trapping most of the particles.  Read about the difference and decide which one works for you.

In the picture, you will see the 2 side clamps we send with the Box Frame to hold the Screen secure; air flow arrows are on the Box Frame.  LINK FOR HOW TO VIDEO


How does the Box Frame compare to your current pleated box media? Also, check out the difference in any pleated filter and our Screens for more info in FAQ's.

1.    The BLUΞ SCRΞΞN™ 2" and ORANGΞ SCRΞΞN™ 2" have the same amazing construction as the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™. A duel density polyester media to catch the most particles while letting the machine breathe better.

2.    Our ORANGE SCREEN air filter is like the GREEN SCREEN air filter in that it has the anti-microbial and tactifier in it that will help inhibit mold, mildew, fungus and most allergens from recirculating in your attic/house, so most people choose these for residential. Blue Screen is still much better than pleated, and is less expensive than Orange Screen.

3.    Since the Box Frame is permanent and you simply change the Screen, you will have MUCH less throw-away into the environment.

4.    You can save a lot of money over the cost of the box media filters and energy costs because of the better air flow as stated in the FAQ's.

5.    The pleated box media filters state they are to be changed from 6-12 month according to the manufacturer, however, most ac companies recommend changing them in about half that time to keep the air flowing. Our BLUE SCREEN or ORANGE SCREEN should be changed around 4-6 months (instead of 2-3 for the GREEN SCREEN) depending on the "How often should I change my filters?" info as stated in the FAQ's. 

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2 " ORANGE SCREEN Air Filter:
One FREE Screen with Box Frame
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    Posted by Brittini Flatley on Sep 16th 2018

    This product has been tremendous in helping my family with their allergies. Definitely worth every penny. We are lifelong customers.

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