• Permanent Aluminum Frame Green/Blue/Orange 1" Screens Permanent Aluminum Frame Green/Blue/Orange 1" Screens

    Aluminum Frame 1"

    Aluminum Frames Please Note: If you don't have a filter holding frame you will need to purchase a Aluminum Frame to hold the filters. This is a one time purchase. **Prices are subject to change without notice
    Permanent Aluminum Frame:
    Holds 1" Green/ Blue / Orange Screens
    Prices Range From:
    19.90 to 44.90
  • Grid in return Permanent Grid (Maximum length is 24 inches)

    DIY / Permanent Grid

    Limited Sizes Available.  The PERMANENT GRIDS are placed into the air returns one time on the top lip of the opening and stay there permanently. Once they are installed, it is ONLY necessary to replace the Green, Blue or Orange Screen.  At...
    Limited Sizes Available
    Used in Air Returns
  • 4" Box Frame Box Frame with clips holding the Orange Screen in place

    4" Box Frame

    We make any size frame even the Box Frame.  The Box Frame is for the filter that is OVER 2" which fits right in the unit.  Each manufacturer, however, makes their common size different; ie- a 20x25x4 can be 30 different actual measurements...
    2 " ORANGE SCREEN Air Filter:
    Sold Separately
    Add Size to Text Box**:
    Instructions in Description Below