About The Green Screen Air Filter


8 main benefits of the Green Screen air filter compared to the allergen pleated or the electrostatic wash-out filters:

  1. It has much better air flow than most pleated air filters because of its depth-loading construction instead of face-loading (often saves on energy costs and unit wear-and-tear)
  2. The Green Screen has much higher dust-holding capacity, also because of its construction = less dust on furniture and in the air you breathe
  3. Anti-microbial baked into the Green Screen inhibits mold, mildew and fungus from growing on the Green Screen and spreading (dust and typical residential filters are a haven for these harmful particles)
  4. Tacky part of the Green Screen collects the microscopic particles like pet dander, pollen and fine dust (truly helping with allergy symptoms as per our customers)
  5. Permanent rigid frame keeps the Green Screen from getting sucked into the unit as some filters can; and is reusable... much more Eco-friendly
  6. The Green Screen refills are in the mid-priced range (avg $15) AND typically have a longer service life than pleated filters, around 2-6 weeks
  7. Helps keep your ac/furnace units and the duct work cleaner than most kinds of filters (repeatedly less maintenance costs)
  8. Custom-made USA filter with easy ordering process and auto-ship options




The Green Screen air filter has dual density and 3 zones that allows the maximum air flow while collecting the maximum harmful particles in the air. 

  • Two layer/density Screen; white and green (made with 100% polyester) 
  • Zone 1: White- captures most of the visible larger particles
  • Zone 2: Green- traps the smaller finer dust and pet dander
  • Zone 3: Tackifier applied to Green layer traps and holds the most harmful particles: microscopic allergens, etc
  • Added Benefit: Antimicrobial** agent (**derived from the Greek words anti (against), mikros (little) and bios (life))- inhibits growth of molds, mildew, fungal spores and algae

Depth-loading flexible fabric = more dust loading capacity; collects on hundreds of surfaces through the Screen 

  • Most customers notice around 50% reduction of dust
  • Capturing more = less dust in ducts = cleaner coils 
  • Filter last around 2-6 weeks longer than comparable store-bought filters; less monthly cost
  • In addition, generally less expensive; average $14


Uses reusable frame w/ life time warranty and trade in policy 

Lower resistance of Air flow = Easier on A/C unit  

More savings; lower energy costs 

  • Average savings is 5-10 a month/filter in home w/ proper change out as compared to comparable pleated filters

Convenient: custom sizing/delivered to door/auto-ship options 

Other Applications: RV/Cabin Air in Vehicles/Rentals/Commercial/Apartments