About The GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN™ Air Filter





The Green Screen air filter has a dual density that allow the maximum air flow while collecting the maximum harmful particles in the air. 

  • Two layer Screen; white and green (made with 100% polyester) 
  • White- captures most of the particles
  • Green- Tackifier holds the microscopic; dust and allergens
  • Antimicrobial** agent (**derived from the Greek words anti (against), mikros (little) and bios (life))- controls growth of molds, pollen, fungal spores and algae

Depth-loading flexible fabric = more dust loading capacity; collects on hundreds of surfaces through the Screen 

  • Most customers notice around 50% reduction of dust
  • Capturing more = less dust in ducts = cleaner coils 
  • Filter last 2-3 times longer than comparable store-bought filters
  • In addition to less expensive; average $13


Uses reusable frame w/ life time warranty and trade in policy 

Lower resistance of Air flow = Easier on A/C unit  

More savings; lower energy costs 

  • Average is 5-10 a month w/ proper change out

Great for custom sizing/ RV/vehicles/commercial applications