About the Owners of Superior Air Quality




It’s wonderful to know you stopped by. You’re what we like to call “A breath of fresh AIR."

We’re Mickey and Gay Harris, the owners of Superior Air Quality! Of course, we didn’t just become owners of the best air filters overnight. We have been entrepreneurs in Texas, dabbling in other businesses and side projects, for years. Soon, we felt God directing our love for all kinds of different businesses to one in particular; Superior Air Quality! After selling the Green Screen for over nine amazing years, one Tuesday afternoon, we answered the call to build our business as "Home of the Green Screen." We want to bring better air into homes and businesses all over the nation, because we believe that people should BREATHE Superior Air Quality (catch the play on words?).

Since, we’ve been working with and using the Green Screen air filters ourselves, we both have gotten off our allergy medication. Praise God, no more sneezing or coughing during the night! Knowing what a relief we have from allergies and the dusty air in our home, we want to SHOUT the good news from the rooftops. And, if you’re ever in Bertram Texas, stop at our warehouse and meet us personally! 


Thanks again for stopping by and hope you enjoy the rest of the site,

Many blessings to you and yours!

Mickey & Gay