Can Dirty Air Cause Weight Gain?!?

Can Dirty Air Cause Weight Gain?!?

We were shocked to find out that there are studies that suggest that ordinary household dust may trigger weight gain by disturbing metabolic health.

Typical house dust is composed of a mixture of skin cells, hair, bacteria and dust mites along with pollen, soil, fibers from clothing and microscopic specks of plastic and dye. When inhaled, absorbed through the skin, or ingested through the mouth we are increasing the chance of greater weight gain. One study found that flame retardants, plasticizers and some pesticides have the greatest effects on fat accumulation. Other harmful contaminants found in dust is a chemical found in common plastic food containers and vinyl flooring.

*Dr Heather Stapleton, remarked that, alarmingly, as little as 3 micrograms of dust triggered fat producing effects for children- well below the 50 milligrams of house hold dust that children could be consuming every day. 

The best ways to reduce exposure to this contaminated household dust are to wash hands frequently, use a high quality furnace/AC filter that catches dust and harmful contaminants, and use a vacuum with a high efficiency particulate air filter. Other ways to lessen contaminants are to have household plants throughout the home, change bedding at least once a week, removing clutter from floors, and storing closet items in bags and boxes.


Dec 13th 2019

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