Can Dust Cause Cancer?

Can Dust Cause Cancer?

Cancer dust in our homes?

Harmful pollutants and carcinogenic compounds sometimes found in household dust have been linked to health issues such as thyroid disruption, learning and memory impairment, hearing deficits, decreased sperm count and even cancer.

Products that may contain contaminants:

Paints & Varnishes


Cleaning, Disinfecting, Degreasing products

Aerosol sprays & Air fresheners


Building materials

Stored fuels and automotive products

Moth repellants

Wood preservatives

The best ways to reduce exposure to contaminated household dust is to have good ventilation, use a high-quality furnace/AC filter that catches dust and harmful contaminants MORE INFO HERE, and use a vacuum with a high efficiency particulate air filter. Other ways to lessen contaminants are to abide by label precautions and follow directions when using chemicals, have household plants throughout the home, change bedding at least once a week, remove clutter from floors, and store closet items in bags and boxes.

Avoid using dusters that just redistribute the dust, use a damp rag instead. If possible, choose wood or tile floors over carpet. Experts say that vacuuming carpet only removes about 10% of dust and dirt from carpets.

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Sources: EPA.Gov

Feb 12th 2020

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