Could you unknowingly be damaging your AC System?

Could you unknowingly be damaging your AC System?

Posted by Superior Air Quality on Jul 29th 2020

Who thinks about their AC/Heating unit when it’s running fine? We are so relieved for the cool air or heat but our thoughts are not usually focused on that until it breaks or stops heating or cooling. Am I right??

Most of us do realize that our HVAC system is a big investment and there is routine maintenance that should be done to prolong the life of the unit. The one that probably comes to mind first is changing out your Green Screen air filter every two or three months, (pleated kind should be changed every month no matter what they say on the packaging). Around 90% or more of AC companies will tell you that dirty filters are the #1 reason units stop running and that using good filters on a schedule is the best maintenance practice.

Why is it so important to change out your filters before they are totally full of dust, dirt and other particles?

- When particles get past your air filter, which is the case if you are using fiberglass, inexpensive filters or letting them go too long, they start collecting on the coils. This build up can damage the mechanical and electronic parts inside the unit.

- A dirty unit means it is not running efficiently and therefore it runs more often and for longer periods of time. (Even 16th of an inch of dirt on your coils can lower the efficiency by 10%- the dirtier the less efficient). This raises your utility bills, too.

- And, of course, this usually happens on the hottest or coldest of days!

- The lifetime of your unit can be shortened when it isn’t running efficiently. The average life of a HVAC unit is 10 to 15 years if it is properly maintained.

To keep your unit running efficiently we recommend the Green Screen or Orange Screen. These are unlike pleated filters or washable filters, and even though they are just as affordable they work much better! The Green/Orange Screens have more dust holding capacity because they do not face load like the others. This allows more dirt, dust and pollen to get trapped in the filter. Another benefit is they allow better air flow to your unit! Finally, these Screens also do a great job catching pollen which helps with your seasonal allergies! We have many 5 star customer testimonies- read them on our website! Visit – watch product videos and check out our products too. You and your HVAC will be glad you did!