Face Mask for Your House

Face Mask for Your House

Posted by Superior Air Quality on Apr 29th 2020

Indoor Air Quality is very important to us here at Superior Air Quality Why our Products Improve IAQ. Breathing clean air makes us healthier people. That’s why we offer a few different products that help clean the air in your home, and if you use these products together it is like putting a face mask on your house!

Let us explain. Our most popular product is the Green Screen SHOP HERE. It is a hospital grade air filter that we make available for your home. It functions better than the pleated or washable filters because it allows better air flow and it catches more fine dirt, dust, allergens. These can help greatly with your allergies and asthma too! We also have the Orange Screen for more energy efficient AC systems which catches even more particles. (Ask us which would be better for your unit)

A second product we have is the HG3, a purifier/sterilizer that is a top of the line portable system with 7 stages of air purification. We were so excited when we found this product! It kills airborne germs, viruses and VOC’s while also catching dust. This unit is light and easy to move around, and covers up to 2000 sq ft. Our recommendation is to use it in the bedroom while sleeping- it makes a soothing sound, and in the living area during the day.

Using the Green Screen or MERV 11 Green Screen along with the HG3 creates excellent indoor air quality in your home- like a face mask for your house! The great thing about it is these products are very affordable. The Green  Screen generally cost no more than the better grade pleated filters you are probably using now. The HG3 is a very reasonable price too at $179. 

Clean air is our passion! We love helping people breathe better and it is our goal to help as many people achieve better indoor air quality. We are located in Central Texas but we have happy customers all over the country! Check us out at!