Healthy Living in Your Space

Healthy Living in Your Space

Posted by Superior Air Quality on Jan 29th 2021

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is on top of everyone’s mind these days, and most of us consider it a very important part to healthy living. First, let’s start with the definition of IAQ, Indoor Air Quality. It is the air quality within your space. This includes your home, your work place, churches, schools etc. Clean air is beneficial to your health, your productivity, your comfort and your well- being. “Sick building syndrome”, or poor IAQ can lead to health issues and impaired learning. Some symptoms are burning eyes, scratchy throat, stuffy nose, and headaches. Continued exposure can have more long term and possibly life- threatening results.

Several things contribute to poor IAQ with the most common being:

  • -Second hand smoke
  • -Pet hair and dander
  • -Dust mite debris
  • -Indoor combustion- from cooking and heating
  • -Molds and allergens
  • -Gases such as radon and carbon monoxide
  • -Ozone
  • -Asbestos fibers
  • -Particulates or atmospheric matter

The two main ways to improve IAQ is through filtration and ventilation which dilutes the contaminants in the air. Being an air filter business, we put our focus on filtration. As you know, there are many types and grades of air filters. The most common found at stores are pleated filters, and range from very cheap, to medium grade, to highest grade. The cheap pleated filters are very affordable but they do not keep your ac unit clean nor do a very good job at cleaning the air you breathe. The medium priced pleated do better, and the most expensive even better. However, the higher MERV or other ratings the filter has tends to restrict the airflow to your unit which is not good. It causes the ac unit to work harder and therefore less efficiently and can cause your unit to use more energy possibly burning up your unit quicker.

The Green Screens work in a very different and more affective way. They do not “face-load” like pleated filters and therefore allowing better air flow while also trapping more dust, dirt, pet hair/dander, mold, etc. They also have a dry tack which is great at trapping pollen. They help you breathe better and allow your unit to run more efficiently. Better IAQ provides better health and most likely lowers energy bills which are a win, win! We have many customer testimonies about how they love these Green Screens and will never go back to the pleated filters.

We make it easy for you to get set up with the Green Screens. Please visit our New Customer Special page to find the best solution for your home. Another great thing is these Screens often also last longer and are just as, or even more, affordable than the medium to higher grade pleated filters you are already buying. Our passion is to help you get the best IAQ possible, and a great way to get started is to use the Green Screen in your home, office and Your space!