Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is more important than ever!

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is more important than ever!

Posted by Superior Air Quality on Jul 14th 2020

We are spending more time at home these days and having the best IAQ is important to our health. Working and schooling from home is the new norm for some of us and our home is our safe place while we figure out how to handle this pandemic.

Because home is where we hunker down, the air there is being used more. More dust, dirt, and particles are in the air as we move about and do our daily routine. Dust can carry all kinds of harmful particles that attach to it.

One tip to keep good IAQ in your home is to use a higher quality ac filter- we recommend the Green Screen because it has 3 zones and holds more dirt, dust, and pollen than pleated filters while having better air flow. The higher quality pleated filters can be more expensive and more restrictive of the air flow, so change them more often.

Another tip for helping with your IAQ is change your filter more regularly. Filters in your home are NOT a place to try and save money by stretching the time between changes because it can actually do the opposite. A dirty air filter will restrict the air flow putting a strain on your unit making it work harder which increases your energy bill and eventually lets the dirty air sneak around the filter. As a result, dust, mold, and harmful particles can ruin your unit and recirculate in the air you breathe. Put a reminder to change it on your calendar because it is easy to forget. Ask us about our Auto-Ship Program where we send you a Green Screen on your schedule. It comes with a great benefit of FREE shipping, too!

Whatever filter you end up using be sure to replace it before it is completely used up. Most households should be changing every 2 to 4 months even though some filters say they will go 6 months. The easiest way to tell is just by looking at the filter every month and if it’s starting to look dirty, or you start sneezing at night again, change it.

If you are using a good filter and changing it often enough but still having allergy symptoms or a lot of dust… try an air purifier in your home. They have many different filter stages to clean the air of any air borne particles including dust, mold, bacteria and viruses. There are many sizes and price levels of air purifiers, but here at Superior Air Quality we found a portable purifier that we really love because it is affordable and easy to move around the house. It is called Sanuvox Bio-Pur and it can be found on our website at: If you suffer from asthma or allergies an air purifier is really something to consider. (We have many good reviews from our customers about the Bio-Pur and we have more information about it if you click the link above).

We love helping our customers breathe better all the time, so IAQ is very important to us! Stay safe, and breathe well!