Inquiring Minds...

Inquiring Minds...

Posted by Gay Harris and Lisa White on Oct 9th 2023

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Inquiring minds want to know that...

  • SAQ owner Gay and her hubby Mickey Harris been married 47 years (they got married at 2 years old, hahahaha) and have worked together for the last 30 years.
  • Gay and Mickey homeschooled all 5 of their children who are all now entrepreneurs.
  • Gay and Mickey have 3 grandchildren.
  • Gay and Mickey love to travel.
  • Gay and Mickey managed different functions at Down Home Ranch - whose mission is to empower the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through social, educational, residential and vocational opportunities.

And, important information to know is that...

  • Air is mostly gases.
  • The average person takes between 17,280 and 23,040 breaths a day.
  • An average American breathes 2 gallons of air per minute, which means around 3400 gallons of air each day.
  • Every year, nearly 4 million people die prematurely from indoor air pollution.

Gay and Mickey's passions are evident in their lives and continue now through helping people breathe better and achieve better indoor air quality.

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