Pet Lovers, Did You Know?

Pet Lovers, Did You Know?

Posted by Superior Air Quality on Mar 11th 2020

If you are allergic to dogs it might only be some dogs!

Male dogs that are not neutered have a protein that may be causing your allergy. There is now a blood test to see if this protein called Canf5 is the issue. If so, you may be able to be around female and neutered males and have no allergic reactions! (Having a test done is a good idea because there are about 6 different proteins dogs have that cause allergies.)

Another interesting finding is that if someone has other type allergies 3 out of 10 will also be allergic to their dog or cat. This according to the Asthma Foundation of America. Proteins in the animal’s urine, saliva & dander are the culprits, not their hair.

If you do have pets that are giving you allergic reactions there are a few ways to reduce or relieve your symptoms.

-Using a high quality air filter- such as our Green Screens SHOP HERE- in your AC/Heating system to catch a lot the pet dander

-Bathe your pet on a regular schedule

-Wear a mask when vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter

-Keep pets OUT of your bedroom and have an Air Purifier system like our HG3 7 stage purifier in your bedroom

-Change your clothes after close contact with your pet

-Keep carpet, walls and woodwork clean

-Visit with your doctor about allergy medication and/or immunotherapy treatments

Allergies are no fun, especially when the pets we love are the cause, but thankfully, there are some easy and affordable ways to alleviate your allergy symptoms.