Poor Air Quality & Your Health

Poor Air Quality & Your Health

Posted by Superior Air Quality on Feb 12th 2021

So, here at Superior Air Quality we are usually focused on Good Air Quality, but sometimes it is good to focus on WHY good air quality is so important. What impact does poor air quality have on people? Studies have found that poor air quality causes both short-term and long-term health issues depending on how long a person is exposed to it. Long- term living in spaces with poor air quality is even likely to shorten a person’s lifespan!

Short-term exposure to poor air quality can cause these symptoms:

-irritated eyes, throat and nose

-shortness of breath

-aggravates asthma conditions

Long-term exposure to poor air quality can cause these symptoms:

-lung capacity and function are reduced

-negative effects on heart and cardiovascular systems

-development of asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and possible cancer

-reduces resistance to infections

-increases fatigue

-causes wheezing, headaches, nausea

These symptoms and conditions are why Superior Air Quality is so passionate about helping people have the best Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) possible. Our Green Screen air filter is our most popular Screen because it does a superb job at filtering out harmful particles, such as dust, bacteria, pollen, etc, out of your living space. The Green Screen does a better job than the pleated or washable air filters, and actually helps your ac unit run more efficiently by providing better air flow. (A properly functioning unit gives you more protection than a unit that is struggling with restricted air flow). Visit our website at for more details!

While we believe everyone should have good clean air to breathe studies have shown that some people are more prone to health issues due to poor air quality than others. These groups are:

-people with heart disease, coronary artery disease or congestive heart failure

-people with asthma

-pregnant women

-older and elderly adults

-kids under the age of 14 years old

In conclusion, we need good IAQ in homes, schools, nursing homes, daycare centers, churches, offices and wherever people go! Our mission is to help people with their homes and businesses to have better IAQ. We would love to help you get set up with the Green Screen so give us a call, visit our website, or email us at