Reduce Fall allergies with these tips!

Reduce Fall allergies with these tips!

Who doesn’t love Fall?? The cooler weather, some rainy days, the tree’s changing colors, hikes and other outdoor activities, pumpkin spice candles, and comfort food! Summer is always fun, but Fall is always something to look forward to. That is until the ragweed and other Fall pollen start doing their thing and BAM we have bad allergies!

Ragweed starts releasing its pollen when the nights start turning cooler, usually in late August or in September. Allergic reactions to ragweed and other pollen include runny and itchy nose, watery and itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, and ear congestion. No fun….and the bad news is you may develop allergies at any time in life depending on family history, changes in the immune system or exposure to new or constant allergens in the environment.

The good news is there are ways to lesson your allergy symptoms. Many of these suggestions work best when combined with several of the other options listed.

First, improve your indoor air quality with the Green Screen air filter. It is a hospital grade filter with a tackiness to catch pollen. It is just as affordable as pleated filters and does much better!

Second, run your central ac thermostat fan from dinner time to the time you go to bed so that the Green Screen can filter the air before bedtime. This will help you to breathe pollen free air while you sleep and thus helping you breathe easier. However, do not keep on 24/7 unless your unit is made to recirculate because that can cause too much moisture.

Third, shower before bedtime to wash off pollen, keep windows closed during allergy season, keep floors clean of dust/pollen, keep bedding clean, run your central ac thermostat fan while dusting & cleaning.

Fourth, some suggestions include cleanse nose, manage stress, try acupuncture, look at herbal remedies, try apple cider vinegar, probiotics or detox, and/or visit a chiropractor for an adjustment. And finally, over the counter medications can help too.

Fifth, avoid foods that have similar pollen as ragweed. These include bananas, cantaloupes, cucumbers, echinacea, honey dew melons, watermelon and zucchini.

Finally, when ragweed pollen is very heavy do minimal activities outside, and if you are outside don’t do physical activities that get you breathing heavily allowing more pollen into your sinuses.

Using these tips to reduce allergy symptoms should make Fall a lot more fun. It is a great season and is even more fun when we are not sneezing and blowing our nose. Our passion at Superior Air Quality is helping people breathe better, and we have many customer testimonials showing we do just that. Check us out at and get started breathing better today!

Sep 30th 2020

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