Searching for ways to easily reduce toxic air in your home?!

Searching for ways to easily reduce toxic air in your home?!

Posted by Superior Air Quality on May 19th 2020

An important part of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is using products that are “Green” which do not contain toxic chemicals in them. If you go online or even to local stores you will see different brands that carry a variety of non- toxic cleaners, soaps, detergents etc. If you don’t know where to start, here are two good sites to check out.

At both sites you will find several companies with their list of products and a link to shop.

Another piece of the puzzle is filtering out toxins that are in your home from the building materials, furniture, appliances flooring, etc. While we can reduce toxins by buying green cleaning products, there will most likely be other airborne contaminants that build up in homes like dust, VOC’s from plastics, smoke, allergens etc.

Superior Air Quality is happy to help people breathe better with the Green Screen. LOOK HERE  The Green Screen is better at catching dust, fine dirt and allergens than pleated or washable filters. They are not face-loading but depth-loading which allows it to catch dust, dirt and allergens through 3 different zones. The green side is tacky and catches allergens better than most filters, and yet are comparable in price.

(If you would like to go one step further, an air purifier is a great way to catch what filters cannot. For information on a great purifier we have on our website LEARN MORE HERE)

Combining green household products with the Green Screen is a great way to improve overall IAQ. Breathe better today by going Green!  SHOP HERE!