Spring Cleaning List - #1 is very important!

Spring Cleaning List - #1 is very important!

Spring Cleaning Tips

Are you getting ready to do some spring cleaning? Do you have a checklist of things to scrub and clean? Cleaning and scrubbing add dust and other particles into the air, and our #1 on the checklist will help trap those airborne particles so you don’t have to clean them again… and wear a dust facemask!

Spring Cleaning List:

___Change your Green Screen & put your next change date on your calendar

___Turn thermostat fan to “ON” during cleaning; back to “AUTO” afterwards

___Dust ceiling fans, light fixtures, picture frames, décor, etc

___Clean windows, window sills and window tracks

___Vacuum/Wash curtains and clean blinds

___Wipe baseboards

___Test smoke detector batteries

___Wipe down microwave & coffee maker including underneath

___Clean out and wipe down fridge and freezer... also under and behind it!

___Clean oven & stovetop... and yucky floor underneath…

___Wash shower curtain & floormat

___Vacuum furniture cushions and underneath them

___Clean behind washer, dryer & lint traps (get yearly pro dryer duct cleaner)

___Rotate and vacuum mattress

___Clean bed covers and mattress cover

___Have carpets cleaned

Spring cleaning is quite a task but well worth it. Your home will feel clean and fresh, and less dirt and dust will give you better air to breathe.

Happy Spring from Superior Air Quality! If you need more Green Screen air filters shop here:

Mar 30th 2021 SAQ

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