Stay Cooler & Reduce Energy Bills

Stay Cooler & Reduce Energy Bills

Posted by Superior Air Quality on Jun 5th 2020

Summer is just about here and warmer days typically mean bigger energy bills. The HVAC system seems to run almost 24/7 if you live in the south! Then that dreaded bill arrives in the mail and you just about faint or say words you shouldn’t when you see the amount due! Most everyone has experienced that.

There are several things we can do in our home to either make it cooler or seem cooler, and reduce energy bills. Some ways to make one feel cooler are pretty obvious but then there are some tips or tricks that are not as apparent. Below is a list of both. A combination of these may make a big difference in the way you stay cool, and hopefully save money.

*Change your air filters out more frequently so that your HVAC system runs more efficiently. The better the air flow the better the unit runs, and as a result, it will help reduce your energy bill too. We recommend the Green Screen because it allows excellent air flow while trapping dust, dirt and allergies better than most other types of filters - keeping your unit and the air you breathe cleaner. SHOP HERE

*If you don’t have ceiling fans install them in all the main rooms and bedrooms. Or if this is not possible use box fans or portable fan’s

*Ceiling fans push air down if they are running in the counter clockwise direction. More air on your skin makes you feel cooler

*Barbeque outside instead of turning on your stove or oven

*Use exhaust fans in kitchen when cooking, and in the bathroom while bathing/showering

*Keep blinds closed during the hot periods of the day. Or change over to blackout curtains and keep them closed during the day

*Close off unused rooms during the day so the cooler air stays in the spaces you are in

*Apply reflective tint on your windows

*Open windows at night if it cools down enough to be comfortable

*Plant shade trees around the house

*Replace old windows and ac units with more energy efficient ones. This can get expensive but look at it this way- a loan payment and reduced energy bill can hopefully cancel out, and in the long run you will save money

Stay cool and have a wonderful Summer!