WAIT, Before You Start Your Remodel Do These Two Things!

WAIT, Before You Start Your Remodel Do These Two Things!

Posted by Superior Air Quality on Jun 15th 2020

Are you thinking about remodeling your home? A remodel, big or small can seem like a daunting task but can also be exciting and rewarding if it is planned out ahead of time. Before you start swinging the hammer or tearing up flooring, kitchens or bathrooms, etc here are a couple of tips to make your remodel a big, less dusty success!

First, realize there is going to be a lot of dust flying around during the remodel. But breathing well and keeping your HVAC system clean and running efficiently is important even through the remodel process. Many people seem to think that during a remodel why not go get a cheap ac air filter to save money because it will be a dirty and dusty process and they will need to change them more often. Well, good air quality is important ALL the time isn’t it, and there is a great and affordable way to breathe better during your renovation. The Blue Screen is comparable to a MERV 7 and allows good air flow while trapping more than a pleated MERV 11 by tests results. The price range for these filters are between $8 and $13 dollars depending on your filter size!

Another good reason to use a quality ac filter during a renovation is to keep the dust out of the HVAC system. To run efficiently, the ac system needs clean air and good air flow, and the Blue Screen offers both! It is our most affordable filter because it does not have the dry tack of the Green Screen or Orange Screen which filters out allergens. Once your renovation is complete, upgrading to the Green or Orange Screen makes sense because they will help with your allergies as well as your dust and dirt. Check out our Blue Starter Packs here.  BLUE SCREEN INFO

Second, we recommend doing some research to find the best contractors if you will be hiring someone to help you with the remodel. A lot of cities, towns, and neighborhood communities have social media pages and they are often a good way to find a local recommendation for a contractor. Asking friends, family and coworkers is another way to get references for jobs well done. Another way is to ask service providers you know who they recommend because often they work closely with contractors and remodelers. And, of course, Google is a good way to find reviews. Get bids from at least a few, and get information about how they are paid during the renovation project. There are many good contractors out there, but there are also bad ones who may do poor work or even take off with your money before finishing the job.

Being prepared, planning, and doing some research before jumping into a remodel project is a very smart way to go. Breathing well, helping your HVAC system run more efficiently, and picking a knowledgeable and trustworthy contractor will set your mind at ease while the project is going on, and will make the final results even more rewarding!