Why is it so important to have good filtration for your AC system?

Why is it so important to have good filtration for your AC system?

Posted by Superior Air Quality on Jul 19th 2021

Many of us have a filtration system in our home to keep us warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. What does filtration mean? It is the process in which particles are removed by the use of a filter medium which allows fluid to pass through the system but retains the solid particles. These units are most likely one of the most expensive investments homeowners have in their home, and good filtration and maintenance are key to having an efficient system. A good running unit will most likely run longer and more efficiently thus probably prolonging its life and lowering your energy bills.

What happens when your unit is not maintained and quality filters are not used or changed out on a timely basis? The unit gets dirty and requires more power to move the air around your home. This leads to possible costly unit breakdowns and higher energy bills.

When dust and dirt accumulate on the coils it is hard for the unit to create heat transfer which creates efficient cooling. As a result, this causes the compressor to work harder which creates the units overall working temperature. Your unit is working harder than it should and your valuable investment may not last as long as if it were running correctly. It is like throwing dollar bills out your window!

Now that we know filtration is very important let’s talk about the Green Screen air filter and why it is an excellent choice to use in your filtration system. The Green Screen is a better option than the pleated filters found at the big box stores. It does not face load which means the dirt and particles get trapped on the one side of the filter. When a filter face loads the particles, this causes a reduction in air flow which is a vital part of helping the unit run efficiently. The Green Screen loads dirt into the whole filter, which maintains good air flow longer than the pleated filter. The Green Screen, when changed out on a timely basis, also does a great job in keeping the coils clean. We have many customers who say their AC man was impressed at how clean their coils were during routine maintenance checks. Check out our testimonial page here.

If you are wanting better air to breathe and want the best filters for your filtration system go to our website and read much more about these great filters. You will be surprised at how affordable these Screens are! They will actually save you money because they tend to go longer than the pleated filter and they are very comparable in price.