Blue Screen New Customer Special

The Blue Screens are a great choice for homes with pet hair and lots of dust.  If you have allergies check out the Green Screens (in New Customer Special Category) that do a great job at trapping pollen.  The Blue Screens also work well for home remodels, businesses, offices, restaurants and anywhere you need to change the filters out more frequently.  Auto Ship Available!

The PERMANENT GRIDS are placed into the air returns one time on the top lip of the opening and stay there permanently. Once they are installed, it is ONLY necessary to replace the Blue Screen.

 The ALUMINUM FRAMES go into your ac unit and/or can be used in air returns.  These frames will be taken out, the Screen replaced, then returned.

Our best value! The Blue Screen 1" Starter Pack includes everything you need to get started cleaning the air you breathe.  It includes one permanent grid and 3 of our BLUE SCREEN air filters, and printed installation instructions.

Description and Benefits:

  • The Blue Screen air filter is a polyester dual-density, 2 zoned media with depth-loading construction for the BEST dust holding capacity with the BEST air flow. 
  • This air filter still traps more particles than most pleated filters with much better air flow.
  • Better used for commercial applications such as beauty salons, pet stores/kennels/groomers, restaurants, etc. Used in residential applications when air filter change schedule is more often because of the house situation (lots of people and pets, remodeling construction, etc) while allergies are not an issue.
  • Since it depth-loads, it collects particles on hundreds of surfaces instead of face-loading filters that collect mainly on top surface such as the pleated and other types of filters. 
  • It typically last 1-4 weeks longer than the pleated filter.
  • It is considered a hypo-allergenic product. It is 100% land-fillable!
  • Comparable to MERV 7