Most of our customers are LIFETIME CUSTOMERS! Superior Air Quality cares so deeply about all of our customers' air quality, we offer a trade-in policy.  If you move, you can trade your old frames in good condition (except custom sizes) for your new sizes (exchange pricing may vary depending on size)!!! We may also trade-in any unused like-new Green Screen air filters for new ones to fit your new sizes (exchange pricing may vary depending on size).

All you do is ship them back, and let us know your current address and sizes and we will take care of you! When we receive them back, we will help make your move as simple as possible by having your new sizes ready when you get there. Just put "MOVED" on your returns and call us for your discount on your new sizes and let us know when you need them delivered. More details on the bottom of the FAQ page. 

 Of course, if you leave them for the new owners, please leave the magnet on the unit so they will know how to reorder. Then keep our phone number in your contacts under "Air Filters" so you can get a hold of us once you know your new sizes.


Thanks again for being one of our Happy LIFETIME customers!

Better Air = Better Life

Green Screen Air Filters