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  • Single Eco-Pocket
  • 3 Pack of Eco-Pockets
  • Inside the Eco-Pocket. Inner Wire purchased separately.


This product is needing the Inner Wire to stay ridged. The Inner Wire is purchased separately. 

Description and Benefits:

  • The Eco-Pocket air filter is a triple-density media for depth-loading capabilities 
  • It is a superior air filter due to the low resistance to air flow. This is mainly because it depth-loads (collects particles on hundreds of surfaces) instead of face-loads (collects mainly on top surface) such as the pleated and other types of filters.
  • It is treated with a layer of non-harmful Antimicrobial agent which inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, fungus and other harmful airborne particles.  
  • The Eco Pocket air filter is also treated with two layers of dry tack which allows it to capture and hold particles such as dust, dust mite debris, pet dander and pollen within the filter. One layer is on the inside of the top of the white and the second is on top of the green layer.

Replacing Eco-Pocket™air filter:

  • When the Eco-Pocket™ is dirty, you will see white lines on the filter where your return grill has the vertical bars and the rest of the filter should be a light to medium gray where the air comes through the slots of the return grill and travels through the Eco-Pocket™.
  • Because of the Inner-wire construction, your Eco-Pocket™ may be stretched out in the middle part. This is normal and does not affect the filtering properties.
  • If your Eco-Pocket™ has pulled away from the end of the Inner-wire, simply staple the new Eco-Pocket™ at the end past the Inner-wire so it will stay in place.
  • Try turning thermostat fan to “ON” to change the filter while opening and closing the return grill; suction will hold it.
  • Remove dirty Eco-Pocket™ filter from opening and remove the clean one from its packaging DISPOSE of plastic bag properly- KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN**.
  • Slide the old Eco-Pocket™ off the Inner-wire. Toss in trashcan (Eco-Pocket™ is 100% land-fillable).
  • After a couple of uses, the Inner-wire might become tacky from the filter inner tacky layer. Simple wipe off with a soapy rag or alcohol wipe.
  • Slide the Inner-wire into the new Eco-Pocket™ as you would a pillow in a pillowcase. There should be around 1” of fabric on both ends from the Inner-wire…no need to push Inner-wire in too tight.
  • Replace the new Eco-Pocket™ in the return with the WHITE side facing you. Turn the thermostat back to “AUTO”.
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Additional Information

Inner Wire Sold Separately
Auto Ship Available:
Please Call for Initial Set-up
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