Starter Pack: 2" Aluminum Frame w/2" BLUE Screen

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MUST HAVE 2" FRAME OR THE 3-5" BOX FRAME TO USE THE 2" BLUE SCREEN, Frames are purchased separately. 

There are three different ways to buy the 2" Blue Screen Refills (required); Singles, OR Money Saving 4 Packs and 6 Packs. 

Description and Benefits:

  • The 2" Blue Screen is mostly used for commercial applications such as beauty salons, pet stores/kennels/groomers and restaurants. Most 2" filters are in units on the roof though some are inside. Rarely are the 2" filters in residence.
  • The 2" Blue Screen does not have the anti-microbial or the tacky layer as the 2" Orange Screen (which is best for offices and needs for microscopic particle collection). The Blue Screen is also less cost than the Orange Screen and is GREAT to be used with the Activated Carbon filter for odors depending on the need. Call with your specific need and we can recommend the best and most cost-effective solution!
  • The 2" Blue Screen air filter is a polyester dual-density, 2 zoned media with depth-loading construction for the BEST dust holding capacity with the BEST air flow.
  • Since it depth-loads, it collects particles on hundreds of surfaces instead of face-loading filters that collect mainly on the top surface such as the pleated and other types of filters. It traps MORE particles than the 2" pleated filters with much better air flow.
  • It typically last 2-4 weeks longer than the pleated filter.
  • It is considered a hypo-allergenic product. 

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Additional Information

Used with 2" Aluminum Frames & Box Frames:
Comparable to MERV 8
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