Breathe Easy: A Guide to Knowing when your Filters need to be Changed

Breathe Easy: A Guide to Knowing when your Filters need to be Changed

Posted by Superior Air Quality on Apr 24th 2024

We are sure your air filters never get quite this bad, however, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in the midst of chores, meals, practices, and other obligations, it is so easy to overlook the little things that make a huge difference in our homes. The unsung hero, the air filter, toiling away daily in your HVAC, keeping your air clean and your home comfortable. But there is always the question of when it is time to bid adieu to the old filter and bring in the new.

Store bought pleated filters often have misleading statements like "Lasts Up To 90 Days" and then fine print to tell you of the laundry list of reasons why you may need to change them sooner. In reality more often than not, those filters need to be changed out monthly otherwise you risk restricting air flow and taking a toll on your HVAC. And picture how much more dirt a family of 4 with multiple pets bring in compared to a couple with no pets. Your family's make up, the location of your filters, the area in which you live all play a part in determining how often filters need to be changed.

We recommend changing your Green Screen Filters every 2-3 months depending on your personal needs. As a rule of thumb, a family of no more than 3 people/pets with only 1 filter in their home, should change their filter every 2 months, unless your pet sheds a lot. For each additional filter in your home, you can add 1 month. Any filter that gets too dirty, resistance will start to go up because of the amount of particles your Green Screen has already trapped. You want to change filters when the efficiency is high and the resistance is low.

Chiefly, you want to check your filters every month and change them once the white part is light to medium brown, or you start sneezing again at night. The Green Screen should never look dark brown or caked. There is also the tell-tale sign of seeing the white strips of your grid bars on the Screen and the rest is gray. Breathe Clean with the Green Screen!

At Superior Air Quality, we offer the option of Auto-Ship: we send one set of your filters out on a regular basis, whatever fits your change schedule, to make sure you never forget! And there is no shipping cost for Auto-Ships. We also offer the option of ordering 4 or 6 packs of filters at a discounted rate so you always have the filters you need on hand! Don't forget to visit our website to place your order today, or call us for a friendly voice to help!!!.