Written Testimonies

 Post by: SK
Thank you for filling our order for the green screens. They have tremendously helped my husband and I to breathe better in our house since we have severe allergies. What a difference it has made. Our house has very little dust. Two of our neighbors who do not use them recently had their air conditioner stop working and leak water onto the floor around the furnace. Same house as mine, built the same year. Only difference is that they use one filter in the furnace and we use 4 at each ceiling return. The green screens catch all the dust before it can enter the vents. We are very happy with your product.
 Post by: Roberta of Harker Heights 
Thank you for speaking with me today at the Chamber luncheon. So nice to know you are in our area. I love your filters and will recommend them to anyone I can. Like I said, when I had them in my home up close to Granbury, Tx. I went from dusting every week to like once a month after I replaced my old filters with yours. After that I was hooked.
Post by: Pamela J.
Love your product! have been using the Green Screen filter ever since you attended the Green Expo in Smithville years ago. So happy you created these! Thanks, Pamela
Post by: Henry and Jessica S.
These are the best filters. Love the racks that can be refilled. The customer service is excellent. We highly recommend these filters if you have allergies or have animals as we do.

Call them today.. 
Post by: Sue M
I LOVE these filters!!! The amount of dust ( dusting!) has been greatly reduced! Truly that was the first thing I noticed about these filters. Less dust = less allergies and colds!! It's a win-win!!! I won't use any thing else!
 Post by: Linda L 
Gay and Mickey - looking forward to getting the filters soon.  We ran out of them and have been using 'regular' filters . . . what a difference the dust makes! I'm tired of dusting, so hopefully, they will be here this weekend. Thank you for your help. 
Post by: Ruby G 
I have been using your filters for about 9 months now. They are great. I have a hard time finding quality filters that fit my vent prior to coming across your filters. They seem to pick up quite a bit of dust and are easy to change out.     
Post by:  Jenny B
Thanks Gay and Mickey for introducing me to these filters over 3 years ago. I have an antique house and an older AC system. I know that just changing to these filters has helped me get more efficient use out of this system. You were very helpful in calculating the number of filters I would need for my unit and usage. It's been right on and I am saving money on all levels.  Though I am cost conscious and that was my main reason for trying these I must also state that I have noticed that my breathing has improved and I am more comfortable in my home and see a lot less dust. So, thanks again for sharing this great product with me and my family.    
Post by: Gary G 
I have used these filters in my home and kennel for the last five years and have been very satisfied with them. The kennel varies in temperature and humidity and the filters accommodated the changes without fail. Two members of my family have allergies and noticed an improvement after we started using the filters at home. We can highly recommend these air filters.     
Post by:  Mike K
Gay and Mickey, I just wanted to send you some pictures of my filter after a month or so of some serious refinishing of some old furniture (a lot of sanding).  The first picture is of both sides of the filter.  Absolutely nothing got through to the air conditioner. Not one speck of dust. I still cannot believe it.  I was expecting to have to blow out the AC coils also, but the whole unit was clean.  My shop walls, lights, and every piece of machinery is full of sawdust. 


Post by: Sandy D 
Gay, wow, what service!  We spoke on Monday, and the filters arrived on Wednesday. I installed the first one tonight and am breathing better already. Thanks for your responsiveness.  We'll get the others changed out over the weekend...Thanks
 Post by: Richard 
I have been using these filters for a few years and won't go back to the paper filters if at all possible. Enjoy the reduction in dust, Even with all the construction around this area it sure dose help. Enjoy the great service that we have received always. Thanks again and keep up the great work.
Post by: Chris F 
Hi Gay, just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the air filters thus far.  I am really noticing a decrease in dust around the house - it is a noticeable difference. I was skeptical before our purchase but I'm now a convert.  Just thought you'd like to know. Thanks!  
Post by: Amy G
Hello Mickey & Gay: We purchased a filter frame and green filters from you at the Solar Fest in San Antonio.  I wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the filters.  During the summer, we did have to change them every 1 and ½ months instead of two or three.  We are looking forward to cool fresh fall air to help save on electric bills and filter replacement.  We have noticed a difference in air quality and the air handler seems to be less stressed.  
Post by: Dale B 
As many people may not know, these filters aren’t really to prevent dust through the house just for our health and breathing quality, they are also for the health and safety of the system.  More dust means more problems like collection on the blower causing it to be off balance.  More dust on the coil, in the winter, can lead to unpleasant and sometimes unsafe conditions.  I’ve noticed less dust pass-through, which in turn becomes that nasty smell you get when turning on the heat in the winter.  In the summer, if your coil is clogged with dust, the air won’t flow freely through the fins and cool your house to full capability.  I’ve also recently and unintentionally experienced what will happen if you don’t change your filter on a hot Texas summer day.  We all know clogged filters prevent airflow, but what many don’t know is the coil needs that incoming warmer air to keep it from freezing over.  The more clogged the filter becomes, the slower the rate of convection across the coil.  Progressively, the coil will continue to chill, and there won’t be any air to dissipate the chilled coil.  The coil will then become encased in a block of ice, and the house will get hotter and hotter.  Not only is this unpleasant, but if not taken care of soon, you will cause thousands of dollars in damage to the system.  The compressor and valves are examples of the casualties that will follow.  As the pressure builds up on the expansion side, the gas will slowly form into liquid and will damage the valves as they attempt to pass back into the high pressure compression liquid side.  There are worse cases that could cause this icing (ie: a leak), but checking the filter coil be the most often and common cause. Change your filters regularly! 
  Post by: Karen S
We have used these filters for years. We are very happy with the quality and they are very cost effective in the long run. I just ordered new replacements and was extremely satisfied with the service that I received.