Easter = Hope

Posted by Superior Air Quality on Mar 27th 2024

Easter was hope in person. No matter what generation we live in, what country we live in, what tax bracket we earn in, what family we belong to or what religion we adhere to, Easter is and will always be God’s gift of hope to all.

Most of us know the Easter story. Jesus came to live, teach, and die for us. A lot happened in that last week of His life! It is the week we celebrate as Easter week. Palm Sunday He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and was welcomed as a King. On Good Friday, He was crucified like a criminal. Not much hope in that part of the story for sure! The same people who welcomed him turned their backs as he was convicted of false crimes. Hope dwindles. Then on Friday they tortured and crucified Him and He hung on a cross to die. In utter agony He passed, and to be sure He was gone, a Roman soldier slipped a sword in His side. His blood and water poured out and everyone thought “it is over.” Enter disappointment, fear and doubt.  But God’s plan was so much bigger than that. Jesus changed everything!  He walked out of His tomb on Easter Sunday, defeating death and defining hope!

John 3:16

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Jesus’ life was one of teaching by example the nature of God and demonstrating unconditional love. His death gifted eternal hope for all. Because of Jesus, we are saved. We now have direct access to God for forgiveness of sin and Jesus to intervene on our behalf.

Happy Easter! We HOPE you will tell others about Jesus’ gift of life! If you know, you know!!! Others should too.

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