Easy first steps to having a healthier lifestyle

Easy first steps to having a healthier lifestyle

Posted by Superior Air Quality on Jun 14th 2021

Ever feel like it’s time to make a change but not sure where to start? We all seem to get stuck in the “same ole same ole” routines, and some of our habits are not very good or healthy for us. It is sometimes hard to make changes but when it comes to our health and happiness change can be good and well worth the effort.

A balanced life is key! Let’s focus on 3 different areas we can improve on pretty easily.

Breathe Better by improving your IAQ or Indoor Air Quality. Breathing is automatic but the air in your home can be healthier if you do these things.

  • Use a quality AC filter such as the Green Screen, and get on a schedule to change them out.
  • If you have bad allergies or asthma, use an Air Purifier in addition to a good ac filter
  • Get rid of carpets or if this isn’t feasible get your carpets cleaned by a professional yearly
  • Clean living spaces regularly and with non-toxic cleaners
  • Keep pet areas and bedding clean

Eat Better by getting rid of the junk food in your pantry and cupboards. Remove the temptation! There are many tasty recipes for veggies and lean meats and even desserts. Drink more water and less soda! You can splurge a day or two a week with no guilt!

Me Time is important! This can be 30 minutes of exercise and 30 minutes of meditation or prayer time. Make yourself a priority! Exercise will actually improve your energy level and meditation & prayer give your mind a rest and time to unwind from life’s business.

Small steps can make a big difference toward better health. Change can be hard but there are a couple of easy ways to keep you on track.

  • Schedule “Me Times” on your phone or on a check list on your fridge
  • Have a friend or family member help hold you accountable, and maybe join you in the challenge
  • Re arrange your priorities to include the good habits and start weeding out the bad habits
  • If you mess up always remember you can get back on track tomorrow

Change is good sometimes, and sometimes we get so busy just doing life that we don’t realize that some bad or unhealthy habits have set in. Take a little time to re-evaluate your life schedule. Do some tweaking if necessary…. A healthier you will give you energy, a positive attitude and possibly a longer and healthier life!