"Embrace the Chill: Your Winter Air Quality Survival Guide!"

"Embrace the Chill: Your Winter Air Quality Survival Guide!"

Posted by Superior Air Quality on Nov 6th 2023

Ever wondered how your home's air quality could be your secret weapon against winter woes?? As the frosty season approaches, we at Superior Air Quality are here to help you breathe easy and stay cozy!

First things first, let's debunk a myth. Cold air isn't necessarily clean air. Yep, you heard it right! While it may feel fresh and crisp, winter air can actually hold more pollutants due to less circulation. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our top-notch air filters.

And lastly, we suggest giving your HVAC system a good old check-up before Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose (or toes!). A well-maintained system paired with our custom filters can significantly improve indoor air quality while keeping energy costs down.  Systems should be checked every 6 months... so 2X per year!

"Inadequate management of indoor air quality may not be obvious, but the disastrous consequences certainly are" Healthy indoor air is our fundamental need: the time to act is now Lidia Morawska, Guy B Marks and Jason Monty.

Managing your HVAC system is the key to healthier indoor air quality and with the cooler weather already arriving, prepping your system should be a priority!  Staying comfortable in your home throughout the winter season without worrying about losing heat and/or costly repairs is ideal so you can commence with drinking some hot chocolate, roasting marshmallows, and cuddling up with those you love to enjoy the season.

Fall is the perfect time to schedule maintenance on your HVAC system since you won’t be using it as much for heating or air conditioning as you would in other seasons. Having your HVAC system maintenance in the fall will help prepare you for the cold winter months.

Things To Do That Can Help:

  • Invest in a programmable thermostat
  • Clean around your outdoor unit (moth balls on the outside unit pad can deter ants which can short out the electrical components)
  • Have your air ducts cleaned about every 3-4 years by a reputable company
  • Make sure the ac technician checks for air leaks in unit and ductwork and examines the furnace burners and blowers and calibrates your thermostat to be sure the readings and heating temperatures are accurate
  • Consider an upgrade to a more efficient unit, best to do after your unit is older than 10 years
  • Check and change your air filter (Our #1 question is how often do I change my filters? (Read HERE for more information)

This information is a big picture on how to prepare your HVAC in Fall.  However, the most important thing you can do for HVAC maintenance all year round is using quality filters and changing them regularly.  What happens when your unit is not maintained and quality filters are not used or changed out on a timely basis? The unit can get dirty and requires more power to move the air around your home. This leads to possible costly unit breakdowns and higher energy bills.

So who’s ready to conquer winter with superior indoor air quality? Remember folks, when it comes to breathing easy this winter – we've got your back...and front...and sides...basically all around! #SuperiorAirQuality #WinterReady #BreatheEasy