Green Screen:  A Hard Act to Follow!

Green Screen: A Hard Act to Follow!

Posted by Superior Air Quality on Feb 20th 2024

Our Green Screens are a hard act to follow! And now we hve even more to offer! We now have 4” filters for your residence/business, your recreational vehicle(s), automobile cabin, and mini-split system(s). We also now carry an ozone generator that is a strong tool to get rid of odors and organic matter like mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses.

We invite you to give our filters a try if you are not already using them. If you are a new customer SHOP HERE. You will receive free shipping on auto-ship orders! Click the blue rewards icon on our webpage to get discounts. We look forward to meeting you!

There are lots of reasons to love Superior Air Quality and our products. Our spotlight today is on the primary reasons our customers become Green Screen “lifers”, keep buying our filters, and take us with them every time they move!

  • The Green Screen air filter is very different from any filter available in stores for residential use. It is a dual-density polyester media pad, treated with an anti-microbial and light tack that are non-migrating and non-toxic. This creates 3 zones for trapping different size particles without restricting the airflow as much or as quickly as many of the allergen paper filters that typically collect in one thinner zone. The anti-microbial inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus.The “GREEN” layer is tacky to trap more particles like the fine dust, allergens, dust mites, etc, while still letting the air flow properly. Besides all the many benefits, the Green Screen is usually less expensive than the allergen paper pleated filters, though it typically lasts around 2X as long.
  • Custom-made. Superior Air Quality can custom make your frame to fit ANY size, from 1" thick up to 4” thick, and any width and length. The refills are always cut to fit your frame.
  • Superior Air Quality is the only place you can get these custom, top-notch filters!
  • Competitive pricing. We have only increased our prices a bit since owning the company and we love saving our customers money.
  • Return/Refund Policy. SAQ strives to keep lifetime customers, therefore we offer a return/refund policy within 30 days of purchase.
  • Trade OR Get New policy. If you move, Superior Air Quality cares so deeply about all of our customers' air quality, that we offer the opportunity to Trade or Get New frames and/or filters. some limits apply (see here).
  • Helps with dust, pet dander, and allergies. This filter is designed to capture even the smallest particles, including fine dust, pet dander, pollen and other allergens, and dust mite debris. Many of our customers notice about a 50% reduction in dust. Often our customers tell us that they have decreased or eliminated their need for allergy medicine! (See for Yourself!) If you get rid of the aggravating particles while you sleep, you can become less sensitive to them; even when you are around them in the daytime.
  • Eco Friendly. The Green Screen is a synthetic polyester fiber. It is 100% landfillable (safe to add to a landfill). You don’t have the cardboard, fiberglass, wire, or plastic to dispose of. Many of our customers re-purpose their yearly supply of dirty filters as weed block in their gardens in the Springtime. The frame is 100% recyclable but has a lifetime warranty so you don’t throw it away.
  • Superior to electrostatic filters. An electrostatic filter has never been a good concept stated by many independent studies. It looks nice at first and costs more, so people think it is better, when in fact it can be much worse.
  • No washing. You do not want to wash any filter and put it back into your A/C unit. Doing so can create a haven for mold & mildew to grow and spread throughout your A/C ducts and home. The Green Screen filter is made to “trap” most particles making it almost impossible to wash them out. This is another advantage over pleated filters because the particles don’t fall back in the air in the changing process.