Transform Your Indoor Breeze with a Green Twist!

Transform Your Indoor Breeze with a Green Twist!

Posted by Superior Air Quality on Oct 17th 2023

Well sure, air filters are an obvious way to help improve you indoor air quality.  And we highly recommend ours!  But here are some green ideas to compliment the obvious and improve your air quality!

-Increase ventilation. Ventilation is a great way to purify the air inside your home.  So, open those windows!

-Beeswax and Soy or other non-paraffin candles. Your choice of candles can affect the air quality levels also.

-Salt lamp.

-Activated charcoal.  (we have an added Carbon Screen you can use with your Green Screen for odors)

-Essential Oils.

-Know your air conditioners and air purifiers and how often to change your filter depending on your household (FAQ).

-Avoid dry dusting!

-Keep your pets groomed.

-Run the a/c, or at lease the "FAN" on your thermostat for a couple hours each evening to sleep without what aggravates you (FAQ).

-Clean with non-toxic chemicals.

-Houseplants are a very green way of cleaning up your indoor air!  Here are some top air purifying plants:

Bamboo Palm - As one of the most popular indoor plants, the tropical palm is especially good at filtering formaldehyde along with benzene, xylene and chloroform in style.

Spider Plant

Gerbera Daisy

Snake Plant


Peace Lily

Aloe Vera

Pothos Ivy

How many plants do you need in a room to clean the air?  NASA recommends one plant every 100 square feet - which is about 9.2 square metres. In a home of about 1800 square feet in size (roughly 167 square metres), NASA recommends 15-18 houseplants.

Keep in mind that you should keep your plants somewhere light and airy.  Anywhere dark and stuffy will encourage mold. Mold finds it harder to grow in well lit spots with good air circulation.

Our top-of-the-line air filters not only ensure that your indoor environment stays fresh and healthy but also contribute towards a cleaner, greener planet. We believe in crafting products that don't compromise on quality or sustainability. So why not choose an air filter that keeps both you and Mother Earth happy?

And when it is time to change the filter, take the old, dirty one out and use it as a weed barrier in your garden!  Our filters are 100% landfillable as they consist only of polyester.