The Rest of the Story...

The Rest of the Story...

Posted by Gay Harris and Lisa White on Oct 2nd 2023

Did you know that changing your air filter is the #1 maintenance issue in your house? That's because it is the only thing protecting the 5,000 to 15,000 dollar unit that supplies your home with cool air and heat!

According to (2023)

  • Twenty-nine percent of Americans never change their air filter in their home
  • The majority of Americans (82 percent) fail to change their air filter monthly
  • Of those who do change it, most people (31 percent) only change it every few months

Some new homeowners often don't know they have filters that need to be changed... crazy huh?!? Coming from a background of living with parents, apartment/townhome living or other accomodations that they didn't have to change it, they truly do not know that need! Sometimes they are shown where the filter goes but are not told the importance for home-owning maintenance.

Generally, most HVAC companies recommend changing your air filter every 30 days, (even though air filter packages state, "lasts up to 90 days".) However, based on how many filters are in your home, where your home is located (ex. dusty, dry climates), if you have any pets, how many people in the house and the age of your system and equipment, you may get longer.

The people who do change it, but not as often as needed, may not remember to change it until a costly symptom shows up.

Here are 7 Signs That Your Home Air Filter is Past Its Prime:

  1. Vents are full of dust and dirt
  2. Air filter looks dirty or clogged
  3. HVAC system takes longer to heat or cool your home
  4. You have higher energy levels
  5. Poor indoor air quality
  6. AC unit is hot to the touch
  7. You cant remember the last time the air filter was changed

The two main ways to improve IAQ is through filtration and ventilation which dilutes the contaminants in the air. Being an air filter business, we put our focus on filtration. As you know, there are many types and grades of air filters. The most common found at stores are pleated filters, and range from very cheap, medium grade, to highest grade. The cheap pleated filters are very affordable but they do not keep your ac unit clean nor do a very good job at cleaning the air you breathe. The medium priced pleated do better, and the most expensive even better. However, the higher MERV, or other ratings the filter has, tends to restrict the airflow to your unit which can cause the ac unit to work harder and therefore less efficiently and can cause your unit to use more energy possibly burning up your unit quicker.

Breathe better by improving your IAQ or indoor air quality. Breathing is automatic but the air in your home can be healthier if you do these things:

  • Use a quality AC filter such as the Green Screen, and get on a schedule to change them out, (usually last 2X pleated!)
  • If you have bad allergies or asthma, use an Air Purifier in addition to a good ac filter
  • Get rid of carpets or if this isn’t feasible get your carpets cleaned by a professional that uses only hot water yearly
  • Clean living spaces regularly and with non-toxic cleaners
  • Keep pet areas and bedding clean
  • We would love to help you so give us a call or check out our website and find out why our Screens are the way to go!  Keep up with us on Face Book too! SHOP HERE